Building is old. But hostel floor is good n rooms are also very well kept. Nearby from metro station. Nearby from black tower. Overall good for 2-3 days stay. Breakfast is not provided. Shared bathroom.

November 16, 2016

I came after 18h00 and had a problem to get in as no one worked at the reception that time.

The staffs are friendly although they did not properly speak english. The place is clean and the WIFI is great and very fast

October 17, 2016

I guess that the building looked a little weird on the outside and I felt a little afraid somehow, even though nothing bad was never even close to happening.

Good location, next to bus terminals and tourist attractions. Also it was comfortable and quiet hostel, good to rest even if sharing a room with 8 people.

September 21, 2016

Stayed one night in this third floor 5 room hostel which is a part of a large building with multiple businesses or residences. The hostel staff (Irene, I think) was amazingly helpful, and the rooms and linens were very clean and well lit. Has a very large kitchen with locked storage for individual food stores. The storage was large enough to store our backpacks.

The downside of the hostel itself was a broken bathroom window and broken toilet flush button.

The entrance to the hostel was difficult to find and had a broken window in the door (covered with sheet metal). The large entryway was filthy and had lots of litter giving an overall impression that the building owner didn't care about upkeep. What a terrible first impression. Once in the third floor hostel, it was cluttered but clean.

For 5 rooms (some dorms) there is one combo shower-toilet, one single toilet and one shower/tub room.

May 2, 2016

I was with a hand bag only but for those traveling with heavy bags you will need to carry them to some 3rd floor.

The staff is super friendly! Location is great! Value for money! Several rooms, a couple of baths, kitchen.

January 31, 2016